Passionate craftsmanship
One part vodka, two parts awesomeness! The Ornament isn’t your everyday cocktail. It’s a fusion of the East and the West.
Best quality
The dill-infused Vodka is complimented by the bitterness of the bay leaf gomme and the grapefruit and garnished with a cucumber ribbon.
The Bar Experience
Music. Drinks. Sushi.
With good lounge music, warm interiors and top of the line liquor, Shibuya offers an exhilarating bar and lounge experience. We also stock exotic Japanese liquor such as Asai, Kirin and a fine collection of Sake. Satiate your sushi cravings at the live counter right next to the bar and if you’ve got to smoke, we’ve got you covered with a separate smoking area.
Signature Cocktail
The Sequence
The Sequence is our very own bourbon-based signature cocktail with a mix of lime cordial and honey topped off with kaffir lime leaves and orange zest.
before or after the meal:
Make yourself comfortable in our bar

Located on a separate floor with modern interiors inspired by south-east asian countries, our lounge and bar deliver an exhilarating experience complimented by the soft contemporary music and our exotic cocktails. The light is dimmed, lively conversations around tables and you are accompanied by a pleasant, house lounge music. Every now and then you can hear a soft clinking when guests raise toasts to celebrate. Whenever our guests sit down on our heavy lounge chairs at the Shibuya bar and immerse into the cosy atmosphere they soon realize that this is a place that makes you feel more than comfortable.

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